Social Media Tips

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Social Media Tips

Glen Williams, Marketcom123

I’m sure you’ve seen countless ads marketing to you for social media services. So let’s start:




What Are Social Media Services

A social media service creates, publishes your content posts to social media platforms, ie, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. They post selected content to these platforms in a schedule to allow your business and product to be seen.




What Should Social Media Services Provide

They should provide compelling posts that get you noticed with likes, comments, and exchanges with customers and prospects wanting to know more about your business. Posts should be custom prominently displaying your logo and a quick message for engagement.




Which Social Media Platforms Should I Choose

This varies, they all have their unique audience and platforms directing to multiple industries, cultures, individuals.

Facebook has over one billion daily users, now of course you can’t get in front of a billion people, but you can set up Facebook Business Pages or start a group where you can share your posts

  • Instagram has more than one billion active users each month. It has quickly become the social media standard for business and service promotion. It has younger demographics but more and more people turn to Instagram for fun and information. Like Facebook, it is useful for establishing relations with an audience you can easily develop with engagements of interest.

  • Twitter has about five hundred million users. It’s not as large as Facebook and Instagram but still packs plenty of punch. Twitter uses quick messages called “tweets”. You can build a following simply by tweeting on regular basis and developing connections with others in your business and those who have an interest in your product.

  • LinkedIn is the largest “professional” network in the world. They have over a half-billion monthly users and are used by college grads. LinkedIn likes news-related posts such as company announcements and industry news. It helps build relationships with those in your business scope and you can make great contacts.

  • YouTube has over a billion users and has access to more than seventy percent of adults in the U.S. With it you can build channels and share informational content such as how-to videos, reviews, podcasts. This platform is best for sharing information about your product in a video format that informs.

  • Pinterest uses visual focus for products and has over 200 million users. Clothing, Decor, any item that can be displayed does well on Pinterest. You can share pictures of your products to entice to visit websites and make orders. Pinterest is made up of 40 percent women with only 16 percent men. Use this platform to cater to users who are viewing.


What Should I Post On My Social Media

The more you stand out with engaging posts the better. You can use quick graphic display posts, short videos, share stories, do LIVE videos, focus on employees, announce company news, share market and industry news, share your blog posts, conduct contests, provide giveaways, provide instructional material, host LIVE online events.

There are quite enough things you can post, just make sure your message is clear and avoid any and all possible conflict. Do not share political views, gossip, negative anything about any business or individual. Always keep your posts sterile clean and fun that invites positive engagements.




How Often Should I Post To Social Media

Once per day is sufficient, I recommend every other day with a new graphic along with the targeted message you are using for a particular campaign. Posting different items about your business and product can get confusing for visitors. Select a focus, then run your campaign with clever unique branding for a week or two, obtain as much information and analytics as possible to tweak campaigns for success with more engagements and sales.

It’s critical to have a social media plan and schedule. Know best times to post to capture your audience’s attention. Stick to your plan for posting consistency. Present cheery, happy imagery, do not use brooding, angry, screaming objects that distract and turn people’s attention. Gather as much data as possible about your particular audience and go with it in consistent friendly marketing.




What Should I Include With My Posts

Every social media post should have a title and short description. This allows the viewer to better understand and doesn’t have to “guess” what you are marketing or presenting. Make your marketing messaging short and clear.

Also, use “Hashtagging”. Hashtagging #YourProduct is a way for others to find you when you post on your platform. It is a way to further expand your reach of your post and draw in others to exchange.




Why Do I Need Social Media

The main reason is to Increase Brand Awareness. With social media, you can access nearly half the world’s population through low-cost means and reach highly targeted potential customers.

You can create engagement to boost sales and interest in products while positioning yourself as an authority in your particular field.

Social media provides a low-cost way to be consistently in front of customers while engaging them in the value of your product and how it applies to viewers while generating significant “buzz” about your product to others in a “chain” effect that benefits you.

“Social media generates leads and increases web traffic to boost sales.
Word of mouth drives 20 to 50 percent of buying decisions.”





Social Media marketing requires a game plan with a consistent presentation for your business announcements to convert. Appealing imagery with messaging is vital to call for action. You have seconds to get noticed and your social media game plan should encompass for quick and direct for viewers to take an action.

Keeping fresh in front of your customers and prospects is challenging and daunting. You want a consistent message with your marketing that links and ties into a meaningful message that converts.

Do not just put up an image about your business with few words in the title. Match imagery with your current brand and use your logo in your posts. How else will people understand where it’s from and gain confidence in your brand?

Three to Four postings per week can penetrate more than daily or multi-daily postings. With a consistent campaign, your brand will gain attention and inspire conversation about your product.

Hope this article helps and I am here to consult with your social media needs.

Thank You,

Glen Williams



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